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Inventory systems and POS control software (VS-IMS)
Our inventory systems are designed for any business that desires a complete control over stock levels and inventory tracking. This software can be used either as a simple inventory control system or a complete Retail solution.

This software is a complete web based inventory management system that performs the functions of Inventory, Sales and payments. We created the (VS-IMS) Inventory System especially for Boutique and Clothing business. You will be able to track an each size of clothes in your Showroom. This system allows your staff and customers to see the data they need in real time anywhere.

Our point of sale application provides the ability to track products from the seconds they enter the warehouse until they are sold in your store; you’ll know exactly where your inventory is at all times! We think you will find that our POS systems software is very easy to integrate and use in order to dramatically improve your business’ cost effectiveness, customer service, and overall progress. Our points of sale programs are customizable; this means whether you are looking for a solution that can address multiple stores or one boutique, our POS system will work perfectly. Use handheld devices to help employees track inventory and properly compartmentalize in-store products. There is a multitude of inventory tools associated with our retail inventory management solutions. Store owners and employees will always be ensured they have the right amount and type of inventory.

Our computer POS software is very user friendly, allowing ease of use for those who are otherwise uncomfortable around instruments of technology.
    Key Advantages of using our inventory management software system?
  • Web based inventory system
  • Multiuser
  • Matrix with sizes, styles and colors for goods
  • Tracking each size of product in your warehouses
  • Inventory Labels with barcodes support
  • Barcode scanning
  • Multiple Warehouses for your company
  • Invoices
  • POS software, Point of Sale options
  • Receiving inventory
  • Vendor and customer payments tracking
  • Inventory reservations for Sale orders
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Transfer between warehousesv
  • Screen customization support
  • Export reports in Excel files