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Offshore IT Development And Outsourced Internet Marketing Solutions :
Orbex Technology is a professional web design, offshore software development and SEO / Internet marketing company-established in the year 2003 specialize in Web-to-Enterprise Integration, Industry Specific Solutions and Strategic Outsourcing. We combine our experience in IT and virtual marketing to offer our clients a synergistic set of services for online web presence and promotion.

What we do ?
Orbex Technology leverages a global delivery model that ensures superior quality and customer satisfaction. Our delivery models aim at customer being in labs at any time without geographical and time constraints - 'Face-to-Face Anyplace'. The seamless mix of onsite, offsite, offshore and Global delivery models will accrue the benefits, we deliver customized solutions utilizing teams of technical professionals onsite, offsite and offshore.

We provide IT consulting to emerging businesses across the globe.

Our clients rely on us to provide them with an objective view of their technology plans and needs. We can serve in conjunction with their in-house technical staff. You can rely on us to formulate technical analysis.

We specialize in the design and development of corporate web sites; software development and programming services for web, intranet, and business applications covering server-side and client-side web programming as well as development of database applications and backends. On the online marketing side, our specialties include professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web copy writing services (including SEO copywriting).

How we do it?
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Our technology agents are handpicked based on their technical experiences. Our consultants have at some point in their careers designed, coded, tested and distributed professional grade software. They are experts in their fields with a minimum of three years of practical on the job experience.